Jan 05

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo is Coming to NA/Europe

Taylor van Doleweerd | 01/05/12, 4:31 PM

A demo for Capcom’s new Resident Evil release hit Japan’s 3DS eShop last week, and fans have been buzzing about whether or not the demo might see a release in North America and Europe.  Well, Capcom’s Christian Svensson confirmed today that the demo would be released in NA and Europe, stating that the only thing currently holding it back from North America specifically was Nintendo of America’s confirmation and approval.  Stay tuned for a release date.

Source: Siliconera

Rumor: Lost Planet 2 Headed to Vita

Taylor van Doleweerd | 01/05/12, 4:26 PM

Play-Asia, an Asian importing sign, is reportedly offering customers the chance to purchase Lost Planet 2, the 2010 PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 game, for the new PS Vita.  The page displays little information: no boxart, no description, and no release date, as of yet.  Capcom has also made no comment, but stay tuned to see if this rumor comes true.

Source: Play-Asia

Rayman Origins Coming to 3DS in March

Taylor van Doleweerd | 01/05/12, 4:11 PM

Ubisoft released a press release today announcing that Rayman Origins, a game released for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 last November, will be officially released on the 3DS on March 16, 2012.  The game is set to be released on the PS Vita on February 22, 2012.

LEGO Batman 2 Coming Summer 2012

Taylor van Doleweerd | 01/05/12, 4:04 PM

Lego has released a new page on their video games site today announcing LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.  As the name suggests, this new title, due sometime in Summer 2012 for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, 3DS, PS Vita, and PC, will not only allow players to play as famed characters from the Batman series, but also characters from other DC series, including Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.  Players will also be able to play around in LEGO versions of the Batmobile and Batwing, exploring different parts of Gotham City.  Stay tuned for more info.

Source: LEGO.com

Jan 04

Mass Effect 3 Gets Pre-Order Bonuses

Taylor van Doleweerd | 01/04/12, 6:41 PM

Bioware’s newest entry to the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 3, will come with some nifty bonuses if you pre-order it from one of the following stores: Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or online via Amazon or EA’s Origin.

Those of you who pre-order will get three battle equipment: the N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle, the N7 Defender Armor, and the M55 Argus Assault Rifle.  Furthermore, those who pre-order online through Origin will also get the AT12 Raider Shotgun free of charge as well.  Remember, Mass Effect 3 drops March 6, 2012.

Source: ShackNews

More Pokèmon Games Coming in 2012

Famitsu apparently received a letter from The Pokèmon Company today, guaranteeing them that we would see more “amazing” game releases for the Pokèmon series in 2012 than we did in 2011.  At the moment, we know of at least two: Pokèmon + Nobunaga’s Ambition and an as-of-yet unannounced title that Corocoro is set to reveal this month.  Is Pokèmon Gray on the horizon?  Maybe some Generation III remakes?  Only time will tell.

Source: OfficialNintendoMagazine

Rumor: ‘3DS Lite’ Under Development

The Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy recently included a piece in their publication reporting that Nintendo was hard at work on an upgrade to the 3DS, currently under the name ‘3DS Lite’.  Reportedly, this upgrade will have a smaller thickness and a greater battery life than the original model, to welcomed modifications; however, there has been no mention of the inclusion of a built-in second analog stick.  Stay tuned for more info.

Update: As it turns out, this rumor has already been debunked. Nikkei Trendy has already stated that they have no inside information the development of a ‘3DS Lite’, and were simply only speculating as to what new modifications it might have upon release.  Thanks to user “srtuki” for bringing it to our attention.

Source: jin115

Jan 03

PokèPark 2 Coming to North America

Earlier today, Nintendo of America issued a press release getting fans excited for the future titles coming to the 3DS and Wii, including Mario, Kid Icarus, and Pokèmon.  The new Pokèmon game in question turns out to be PokèPark 2: Wonders Beyond, hitting northern shores for the Wii in February 2011.

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God of War IV Composer Revealed

God of War IV

Timothy Williams, noted composer for the movies “300” and “Conan the Barbarian”, as well as games “Defense of the Ancients” and “Rise of the Argonauts”, was recently spotted as having listed “God of War IV (Upcoming)” on his resume.

Little news has been released by Sony in regards to the title; thus far, they have revealed that the title will feature a Co-Op mode starring Kratos and his brother, Deimos. Current industry sources place the release date near September of this year.

Source: Siliconera

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